Eye level with the dog.

A Walk in the Park

Eye level with the dog.

It’s a sunny day – much warmer than you would expect for this time of year. But you’re not complaining. Dog at your side, you are out for a stroll. It feels good to be outside.

You’re not the only one who decided to come outside today. The whole neighborhood seems to be enjoying the sun. So many people.

Some people have familiar faces. You stopped a moment ago to talk with friends who were enjoying a picnic on the grass. You played with their kids, chatted for a moment, and enjoyed a few chips. But the dog got impatient so you kept moving.

Some people jog along the shoreline. Others bike. And still others lay sleeping in the sunshine.

Some people are out with their children. A couple sits on the grass nearby with their little baby. She’s so cute.

And then there’s you, your dog, and the stick you just picked up.

Stick in hand, you sway back and forth. The dog stares intently – as if the rest of the world has suddenly disappeared.

You fake a throw. The dog jumps, but doesn’t take the bait. He’s too smart for that. He barks.

Finally, you set the stick loose. With all your strength, you launch it into the air. High and far it goes. And like a spring, wound to its limit and suddenly released, the dog sprints after the stick. It’s impressive how fast that little dog can move – he doesn’t move that quickly when you try to get him to come inside.

The dog chews on the stick in the distance, and you look out at the lake. So blue. So peaceful. A bird flies overhead. You cast a glance back at the dog.

Hey. No. Stop that. Bad dog. Leave that baby alone. Come here.


furry companion
that’s trotting by your side in
constant happiness

Have you ever tried to imagine what the world looks like through the eyes of a dog?

Out on a walk – a nice, nice walk. What’s better than going out on a walk? Master is slow, but I’ll get her to walk faster. Faster. Faster. There’s so much to see, so much to do, so much fun to be had.

Hmmmm. This grass has the scent of some other dogs. They passed here not long ago. Must find them. Must find them. Must go find them.

Mmmmm. The wind smells like hamburger. Mmmmm. I love hamburger. Must sneak off and grab one. She won’t see me. No, she won’t. Not this time.

Wait. She’s holding a stick. Stick. Stick. Stick. Stick. Stick. Must watch stick.

Go. No. Not yet. Bark.

The stick is loose. The stick is loose. Must catch stick. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run.

I got it. I got it. It’s all mine. Mmmmmm. So much good in this stick. Good, good stick. Must get it all out.

Hey, look at that human puppy. So cute. Going to say hello. Going to make a new friend. Lick. Lick. Huh? Why is master yelling at me?


stick of knotted wood
once of the noble oak tree
now laying on dirt

Or maybe you ponder the perspective of a stick.

Oh to be a poor and lonesome stick upon the ground. Not much of note happens these days – no birds to perch upon me or butterflies to use me for their rest. How long has it been since I was last on that tree? Seems like forever ago – another lifetime perhaps.

All I have left is memories. I remember the delight of being on that tree – where I had a purpose. I recall the satisfaction of being where my talents were of use – where I was a channel of life. But wishing to be where I am no longer, and where I can be no more, is a useless thought. ‘Tis no chance of such fortune now. I shall remain here on the ground – wasting away into the dust I rest upon. At least I shall take consolation in my rest – in my stillness.

Sir. Sir. I assure you there is no need to wave me back and forth like this. Kindly stop this activity. Let me fade away in peace.

Sir, I asked you politely to stop. If you will still insist on waving me to and fro like a flag at least tie some cloth to me so I can be a flag. Give me the dignity of some noble purpose so that I may bear this torment.

What’s this? I have been sent into the air. I float as a dream – flying like the birds. At last, I am free.

Mr. Dog. I assure you that it is not a necessity to bite me at this time. Kindly refrain from this aggressive action. Please, Mr. Dog, I am finding this experience most unpleasant. Down gentle-dog. Down.

Will you look at that? He listened.


blanket of grass
provides a fine canvas for

Or perhaps you imagine a look through the baby’s perspective.

Sitting on the grass. Mommy is close by, so I’m safe. Daddy is also close by. He’s making such funny faces. Why is he so silly?

There’s so much to see right now. Who’s blowing so hard on my face? What is this bright green stuff that I’m sitting on? What’s that creature coming toward me? It looks happy.

Hehe. That feels so funny – all wet and cold.


It’s tough to see the world through a perspective different than your own. You lack complete information. Your bias and worldview get in the way. You make assumptions that may or may not be accurate. But it’s worth the effort.

Try it. You may be surprised by what you find.


riding on the breeze
gazing at the world below
through tiny bird eyes

Then there’s always the bird’s-eye view.

Whoa. Where did that stick come from? Lucky miss, that was.


PHOTO: Eye level with the dog. Kenya.

PS: My apologies in advance for any misrepresentations of dogs, sticks, babies, or birds.

PPS: For those in the northern hemisphere, happy first day of spring.

4 thoughts on “A Walk in the Park”

  1. My dog here barks furiously at any noise outside the compound, but when the victims outside jump over the fence, the dogs keeps quiet and hides in its small house. Is its worldview teling me that after backing, its work is over and it has life to value hus sharing responsibilities. Does its behavior tell that there is a clear cut of responsibilities???

    They are also creations who need to work in good partnerships hence see the world from a different perspective.

  2. Seems your dog views its role as giving an appearance of security and preventing people from jumping the fence in the first place. And if that doesn’t work, well, you’ll take care of it. 🙂 I wonder sometimes if animals recognize the value of partnerships far faster than people do.

  3. This whole blog just made me smile and started my very busy day off with a different perspective. Thanks for using humour to remind us of the different perspectives people have of the same event.
    Tonight I am organizing a charity, fundraising, international dinner.
    As it is a 60s party, there will be those groaning because they have to dress in theme. Others will be excited to get dressed like a hippie. Some will want to twist again and others like my husband who only dances for rain will be stressed that I might make him come dance with me. etc etc 🙂

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