What Matters

I’m sitting on the floor. My DreamBox is packed. And I’m decorating the lid. A group of us (many who were at Camp GLP) have gathered together for the evening to fill these small boxes with toys, school supplies, and other treasures. They’ll be sent around the world to children in foster homes and refugee camps. On […]

A Practice for Facing Uncomfortable Emotions

I’m moments away from hitting publish on a post. It’s vulnerable. It’s raw. It makes me feel exposed… like I’ve got nowhere to hide. The post is written. The final edits have been made. My hand hovers over the publish button. One click and it’s gone… sent out to be seen. No taking it back. […]

A Different Sort of Summer Camp Experience

If I had to capture my dominant emotion from my experience at Camp GLP in one word it would be loneliness. And if I could add a second word, it would be sadness. It’s always interesting what happens when you shake up your normal patterns of life… When you go to a space and environment […]

If You Want to Be Great, Get Great Sleep

For some reason this is way harder for me than it should be. It’s not like I haven’t seen the endless research that shows how getting enough sleep improves your memory, your ability to learn, your willpower, your level of happiness, and a whole host of other things. It’s not like I haven’t experienced what it’s […]

What Jars You to Attention?

I sit silently on my meditation cushion. A pleasant breeze drifts through the window. The sun casts a soft, orange light upon the eastern sky. All is still. Then the smoke alarm goes off. It jars me to attention. For a moment, I’m annoyed. I mean, what is this stupid alarm doing interrupting the silence […]

Choose Your Life

You’re playing with your daughter, and she’s chasing you around the apartment. Her shrieks of laughter and delight fill the room. “What a wonderful way to spend an evening,” you pause and think to yourself. “What could be better?” Ooops, she almost catches you. You spin to “escape”. Except your foot catches the leg of […]

Creating Distance (Reflections From My 4-Month Experiment)

Up until last February, I posted here every single week. No questions. No excuses. Blizzard? Write anyway. Challenging circumstance with work? Write anyway. Not sure what to write about? Write anyway. And for a long time, that schedule worked for me. There were times where the tight deadline forced me to come up with an […]