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Three Things I’m Thankful For About You

My life is better because of you. A lot better. In particular, there are three things I’d like to thank you for.

1) Thank you for reading.

I know there are lots of other things you could be doing with your time. You’re making a difference in the world. You’re out serving people in a variety of ways.

I know your attention is a limited resource – that there’s only so much of it that you have to give.

And yet you still take just a bit of time and attention to read what I write.

You allow me to practice generosity every week by giving me the chance to share a story, to pass on a piece of what I’ve learned, and to, hopefully, help you live a more compassionate, mindful, and meaningful life, you allow me to practice generosity on a regular basis. I am more generous because of you.

2) Thank you for all of your insightful comments.

Week after week I marvel at the stories and insights you share in response to my posts. You dare to be vulnerable. You show generosity with your wisdom. You give a gift to this community.

I heard it said that wisdom is in multiple perspectives. And I’m honored by the variety of perspectives you’ve added here. You’ve pushed my thinking. You’ve opened me to see the world through different eyes – through your eyes. I am wiser because of you.

3) Thank you for making a difference in the world.

I marvel at the incredible work you do in your community. You touch people’s lives. You bring about the benefit of others.

Sometimes it is a small kindness: offering another a smile, remembering someone’s name, or holding the door open for someone. Other times it is an act of great compassion: listening to the story of someone in pain, facilitating the reconciliation of communities in conflict, giving generously to meet another’s need, or creating beautiful works of art. For each act, I am grateful.

I am inspired. I’m inspired to go deeper, to serve more extravagantly, and to take greater risks. I am braver because of you.


There is a Swahili proverbs that says Mtu ni watu (a person is people). We do not stand alone. We are who we are because of those around us.

Thank you for being here. Your attention, wisdom, and generosity blow me away. It’s a privilege to write for you each week.

You are a blessing.