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We’re So Much The Same

An hour from now, the train will have a rather different group of passengers.

Many of them will wear sharp suits and crisp ties. Warm coats will fit neatly to their figures. Briefcases of leather will carry important documents, a laptop, and maybe even a tablet.

Many of them will be heading to work on a short commute. But even that seems too long. So they’ll pull out their phones, read the news and catch up on the gossip with their friends.

Many of them will go to work in high-rise office buildings. The windows beside their desks will look out at the clouds.

Many of them will worry about a variety of things, but hunger will not be one of them. Neither will shelter. Those are guaranteed.

I’ve been on that train. I’ve been one of those people. I probably still am.


But today, I’m on a different train. It’s five in the morning, and I’m headed to the airport to catch one of the first flights out of the city. I observe my fellow passengers.

Many of them sit hunched over, trying to catch a few more minutes sleep before a long and tiring day ahead. Coats with tattered edges hide them from the cold.

Many of them have only reached the midpoint of their journey. Two hours is a typical commute — one way.

Many of them will go to work at the airport. They will remain on the ground while the planes they serve soar skyward.

Many of them will wonder if they’ll keep their job. They’ll worry about bringing in enough money to pay the rent and put food on their tables.

I’m on this train. I see these people. On the surface it seems like so much is different between us. But I wonder.

why the distance between us?
we’re so much the same
aren’t we?
same dreams
same schemes

why the separation between us?
we’re so much the same
isn’t it true?
more alike
than not

why the gap between us?
we’re so much the same
is it luck?
some rich
others poor

why the separation?
we’re so much the same
is it birth?
one from here
another there

why do we stand apart?
we’re so much the same
can we bridge the gap?
shake hands
share together

why the distance between us?
we’re so much the same
aren’t we?
both valuable
both worthy

I don’t have an answer to my questions – only a reminder that people need compassion. No matter their lot in life, they need someone to stand alongside them.

Will I stand with them? Will I uphold our dignity?

Will you?