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Life Happens in Moments Like These

In the span of ten seconds, my walk went from being simply good to magnificent.

And simply good was pretty good to start with.

The weather could not have been better. Bright sunlight illuminated the morning – its warmth announcing the arrival of spring. No jacket was needed.

The trek covered a good distance, and I felt the beginnings of that tired satisfaction that only comes from making an effort at something.

All around, blossoms sprung up from the trees, turning them into fragrant canvases of white and pink. Yellow and white flowers dotted fields of green grass. Birds sung out their song. Life abounded everywhere.

And as a bonus, the occasional squirrel hopped across my path. There’s just something about squirrels that makes me smile.

But my smile was about to get bigger.

At one point along the walk, I near the base of a hill. Coming toward me on the path bikes a mother and daughter. And as they pass me, I catch a fragment of their conversation.

“Get ready, there’s a big hill coming up,” the mom tells her daughter.

Reaching the incline, the daughter turns toward her mom, and with a voice full of confidence and pride she says, “I think I can do it, Mommy!”

And echoing back the belief and energy of her daughter, the mother replies, “I think you can too.”

In their wake, I stand still for a second, touched by the simple magnificence of that moment – the love, the connection, the courage, the confidence, and the enthusiasm.

Life happens in moments like these.

threads of everyday
meaning, connection, courage
woven into now

human connection
distilled by the sands of time
elixir of life