Some days are just grey and rainy.

Grey Skies and Rainy Days

Some days are just grey and rainy.

On another day, you may notice the texture of the cloudy sky. You may see how light passes through it in varying amounts – leaving some areas white and others dark. You may watch it stretch and move. You may see that it is not as drab or dull as it seems on first glance.

Not today though.

On another day, you may respond differently to the man who asks, “How are you doing?” You may not choose to give the standard and expected response, “Good.” A response inviting no follow up, no explanation, or no vulnerability on your part. A response putting on a mask of normality. A response pretending you, unlike the rest of the world, have your act together – even though you know full well you don’t. You may embrace the truth that sharing your burdens with another lightens the load.

Not today though.

On another day, you may reflect on all the good things you have in your life. You may see that for all struggles of today, you have so much to be thankful for. You may celebrate having food and shelter. You may rejoice in knowing people who love you.

Not today though.

On another day, you may contemplate on the fact that your present mood is a reminder that you are still alive. You still feel. You still react to life.

Not today though.

On another day, you may ponder that in this very moment there is another human being in the world wishing you joy and happiness. You may rejoice in knowing there is someone who delights in seeing you thrive.

Not today though.

On another day, you may take time and get away from the noise. You may go on a long walk and breathe the fresh lake-side air. You may feel the touch of the wind on your face and believe it to be a kiss of greeting instead of a slap of chill. You may find peace in the stillness of the fog.

Not today though.

On another day, you may apply to yourself an extra measure of grace.

Not today though.

On another day, you may recall that the sun comes up each morning, the night does not last forever, and the rain eventually stops.

Not today though.

On another day, you may remember that there is life in the rain.

But not today.


Today you are stuck. You can’t see past the shadow of the grey sky. You can’t see beyond the tears of the rainy day. It is as though the world around you echoes your claims of hopelessness.

All you can do is to take one foot and make a step. Then with the other foot. Step. Step. Step. You keep moving. You keep going. You hum the words to a song. Eventually, you’ll come to believe the chorus.

You’re OK.
You’ll be fine.
Just breathe.


PHOTO: Some days are just grey and rainy. Chicago.

3 thoughts on “Grey Skies and Rainy Days”

  1. At times Josh, we let go and let God. Imagine it is at such times when new strength reassembles in you and unnoticeable we are renewed. It is at such time of dry spell that is called God’s school of training and it is only the inner being that is source of ignited power.

    Even if ‘not today though’, tomorrow holds and will come with hope. Cheer up, you are a hero. You have proved so Josh. It is today we bear witness and confess this though.

  2. It’s all perception, isn’t it?
    If the sky can change my mood (or a book or a dream) then so can I. I love that smiling releases happy brain chemicals whether that smile is real or not. I choose. I choose how I see the world.

  3. Josephine, I can echo that sentiment. Much has come out of past “rainy days”.

    Frances, It can be hard to remember that we have a choice sometimes. Luckily, there are people in our lives who have a way of bringing about that first smile. (Babies are especially good at this.)

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